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Spoke’N’Word Festival

Autumn 2019

Performance poetry festival in Warsaw is organized by EUNIC Warszawa and European Commission Representation in Poland with local Partners since 2005.

It features international poets and Polish slammers performing together live.owany przez EUNIC od 2005 r.


Biennale Warszawa


Biennale Warszawa is an interdisciplinary cultural institution conducting artistic, research, educational and social activities. It operates at the intersection of various disciplines, combining the area of culture and art with the area of theory and research, as well as social activism.

Poems in the City



“Poems in the City” is organised by the Warsaw cluster of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC Warszawa) and the Capital City of Warsaw.




Big Book Festival


Co roku, w czerwcowy weekend, tworzymy dla Was festiwal odważnych przeżyć i idei inspirowanych tekstem.





100 × independence was an international international student project devoted to the creation of posters and animations to interpret the meaning of the word independence.

Europejski Dzień Jezyków


W ramach obchodów do 800 milionów Europejczyków z 47 państw, które w Radzie Europy reprezentowane są przez swoich przedstawicieli, kierowany jest apel o podejmowanie nauki większej liczby języków i to niezależnie od wieku uczących się oraz formy kształcenia – szkolnej czy pozaszkolnej.



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The EUNIC Warszawa Cluster operates since 2007 with about 30 active members, associates and partners within the umbrella organisation EUNIC Global (European Union National Institutes for Culture). We aim to create effective partnerships and networks between National Institutes for Culture, embassies and other organisations within the European Union and in the third countries. Our goals are to improve and promote cultural diversity and understanding between European societies and to strengthen international dialogue and cultural cooperation.


Our activity is focused on:

  • Reinforcing the networking of Europe’s national cultural institutes and embassies in Warsaw and generating synergies and effective partnerships within the network and with other professionals working in the field of culture in Poland
  • Expanding the role of culture in the modern society and strengthening the sense of belonging to a rich and diverse European cultural community
  • Promoting European culture and the values that underpin it, such as cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and multilingualism
  • Strengthening and maintaining cultural dialogue, exchanges and cooperation with the third countries.


Some of the projects EUNIC Warszawa is involved in organizing are: the celebration of the European Day of Languages and the International Translation Day, Poems in the City or Spoke’N’Word Festival.


Current presidency : Czech Center (2019)


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