The Missing Denominator – Universalism and Progressive Cultural Politics

The symposium, which took place on May 13, 2019, focussed on the issue of universalism on three separate, yet related levels. Firstly, it investigated the very conditions of possibility of new universalism: What needs to happen for such a universalistic project to appear and for Europe to have its place in the process? How it might be constructed, what kind of ideas, values, norms, goals or practices could serve as the constituting factors for a universal project that would overcome the heritage of oppressive Western universalism of the colonial enterprise? Secondly, it attempted to determine what role culture could have in constituting this new universalism. Thirdly, it enquired what part in carrying out this task could be played by public cultural institutions and progressive cultural politics.

The symposium resulted in a book published by EUNIC Warsaw and Biennale Warszawa: "The Missing Denominator. Universalism and Progressive Cultural Politics", edited by Jan Sowa.

Read the e-book here.

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